On Paper – Yoshiyuki Koinuma

The work of Rotterdam based Japanese artist Koinuma is influenced by ancient symbols from Buddhism and Shintoism, nature, strange creatures from stories, exotic animals, and computer games. In the past few years, he produced work by moving back and forth between two methods of mixed media on panel and oil paint on canvas. During his residence in Leipzig, Germany, in 2017, he radically chose for working with acrylic and pastel on paper. This medium gives him most freedom in expression. When painting, he feels like a fisherman; the paper is a big river or see full of animals. In his work on paper, various motifs – such as the dog, elephant, dolphin, flowers, and fairies – merge into organic curves and into one from, with a unique palette. Koinuma selected new works on paper for this exhibition at the Shofukan (February – May 2018).


De expositie is tijdens de activiteiten en trainingen in het centrum of op afspraak te bekijken.